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Might of the fool

MIGHT OF THE FOOL You wretched pariahYou gargoyle spiritualityWailing odes of hopeYearning for intimacy with KnowledgeYou ignorant cadaver spiritualitySeeking enlightenment in structureDon't you know that when finallyYou shall embrace the skeletonYou have renounced life? Then how can I know? You pathetic mockery of a soulYou ace of delusionsWailing odes of hopeYearning for intimacy with... (Read more...)

Front page of the site

"Creation of events is very much part of Creation... I am teaching you to be creator, not a random statistical datum... I want you people to be creators, not passive things kicked around, but the movers... I am opening the gates to the basic laws that enable you to create the mechanism that can create you to be creators, which laws actually triggered this entire universe... (Read more...)

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