He strolled down to the river and looked into the water. Tiny fish swam in seemingly aimless rounds, waltzing to music that only they heard. Isn't everything music, gliding up and down the scale of existence in continuous motion, striking harmonies and disharmonies, often settling into a repetitive tune and rhythm when curiosity dies - which is the onset of old age? When the once vibrant and extraordinary rhythm becomes monotonous repetitions like a mantra that lost its meaning, an empty shell, the ritual reminiscence of its days of glory when it was meaningful? Is old age due to the winding down of the biological clock, or rather, the stifling belief that one knows how things are or should be? Isn't old age projecting one's knowledge of the world into a mold that gains life as a Golem staring into the face of its creator and guffawing at his power-lessness? -from The God Maker - How God Became God by Clara Szalai


We often wonder: What is life really? Science has no definite answer. Traditional religion sees life as an attribute of physical existence, as something temporarily entrusted to hold together a sack of bones, and then it is revoked. SHET sees life as that regulation of complexity that can induce perception and experience. He regards life as the sacred coherency of consciousness. To really be participants, we need to understand and experience the permeating feature of this vibrant energy: life. To exercise our freedom of choice and thereby enhance the quality of that life, we need to learn to navigate the Loop of Creation. The expansive embrace of both feeling the totality of Creation - all places and all times - as well as focusing on and rejoicing in the motion of the smallest ant, is the real enriching experience of being everything and everyone and, at the same time, being an individual. We need to be fluid processes, experiencing the rest of Creation as fluid processes braiding, weaving the tapestry of experience. It's all a game: the celebration of life. -from Holophany, the Loop of Creation by Clara Szalai




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