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The Birds Have Disappeared (random chapter)

Enwrapped in unfathomable loneliness he invited the wind, his only friend into his lair. For a while its soothing whoosh eased the fervor of his longing, but then, the wuthering emptiness of his soul bellowed with added force, cramping in agony to be filled. In the crescent moon's tender light Creature approached his den. Reaching out with his wing, he summoned the tormented soul: "Come, you must lose the pain of innocence."

They walked the sandy meandering path that lead to their mysterious destination. "Where are we going?" he asked only slightly curious from within the morass of his sorrow.

"You'll see," smiled Creature, his face wrinkled with the beauty of wisdom. "You shall reach fulfillment." He saw Creature's words as withering leaves in the fall, drifting between gossamer promises of spring beyond the slumber of frost. They strode days and nights impelled by the hungry void in his soul. Climbing a steep slope in the undulating landscape sprayed with meadows he inhaled the budding shrubs on the acme of knolls trembling in the gentle breeze like erect nipples. They passed by springs that ripped open naked rocks and he drank their regaling liquid, but his thirst was not quenched. They sauntered along brooks with frothy waters and he soaked his burning feet, but his consuming fire was not extinguished. With each step they approached the somber loom of giants waiting to consummate their union with his feeble being.

He couldn't say how long they were bound for the forest, only that when he beheld the giant sequoia tree, it was full moon. He was awestruck by the majestic redwood standing erect in its full glory in the moonlit heart of the forest clearing. So colossal, he couldn't see its crown, only the sparkling moonbow adorning the haze of its exhalation, a halo spun of misty grandeur. The eerie silence was broken by Creature's whisper: "Embrace the tree."

Upon touching the crisp yet velvety bark he felt his soul being wrenched, cramping, wanting the full embrace of the redwood. He felt the sequoia's lingering sweet breath caressing the crevices of his existence even as he sensed the throbbing life force of the enormous stem. He embraced it with fervent passion yearning to fill his aching emptiness. He felt the thrust of the tree's three thousand years into his being. In rising tempo the seasons started whirling and reeling and spinning, people's lives and hopes waxing and waning as snow falling and melting, vulnerability followed by love as rain evaporates in the warmth of summer, images rolling faster and faster, exploding into intense pleasure verging on pain. The giant sequoia trembled gushing into him the succession of possible futures reigned mainly by sepia, but there were also bright futures with effervescent wild life and his soul was filled to the brim. As he parted from the tree he felt impregnated with the mission of hope.


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