The essence of things:


by Prof. Harry Friedmann

"The more you try to classify human behavior, the more complicated and less comprehensible it becomes. The best way to understand human behavior is the way a violin understands its music."  -SHET

"The willforce is neither causal nor synchronous, however it might be both intentionally. In a way it is intelligence, an overview beyond statistics, yet often conforming with statistics. Not apparent in the macro world, and neither in quantum theory. But when known, it explains and expands on everything from the unknown and the unfathomable." -SHET

Professor Joe Sachs of St. John' s college, Annapolis, Maryland defines Aristotle's entelechy as being at work staying itself. Thus, the soul is defined as being at work staying itself of an organism, as an organism. Similarly, he defines motion as an entelechy in the sense of being at work staying the same of a potentiality as a potentiality (of being in some place).

Spinoza defines conatus as the effort by which everything in as much as it is in its power tries to persevere its being. The conatus is nothing else than the essence of a thing. This effort he calls will if it refers to the soul alone, appetite if it refers both to the soul and the body and desire when it refers to appetite aware of itself.

Newton defines inertia as vis insita, or the inherent force of matter as the power of resisting by which each and every body perseveres in its state either of resting or of moving uniformly in a straight line. Newton adds that this vis insita is only felt when an external force (vis impressa) is applied to the uniformly moving body.

Clara Szalai, in her inspired session 1173 of March 2009, defines will force as an aspiration towards consistency. She writes that any viable system has an aspiration towards consistency. This is the motive force that allows the dynamics of the system to take place, the dynamics that tries to reach stabilization. The will force is systemic, it is what keeps a sack of bones together as a life form: self- and other-interaction is not just any interaction when within a system motivated by will force: self- and other- interaction occur according to the laws that govern the objects that interact when we speak about matter; however in more complex, living systems, this interaction is governed by will force which is the integrity of the entire system. This is a very important point: when a living system is not in integrity, not governed by the will force, then its sub-systems might become estranged and so, the system as itself, might explode/vanish. The will force keeps the system, that specific system going towards consistency, finding its stabilizations, interacting with itself and other systems, and keeping regularized to stay itself and alive.

To delve further into this subject, we have to study the concept of synergy where the combined action is favored over and irreducible to the sum of individual component actions. In some cases, emergent behavior is obtained by synergy. Emergent behavior is obtained when the behavior of the whole systems cannot be predicted from the behavior of their parts taken separately, as for instance in a living organism. These synergistic effects are the very cause of the evolution of complexity in nature. At each level of complexity, entirely new properties emerge. Psychology is not applied biology, nor is biology applied chemistry. The emergence of language, intelligence and rationality creates an entirely new type of evolution. It is cooperative and active, independent of random, passive genetic adaptation. Whenever a microbe or a virus undergoes a mutation we do not have to wait for the death of millions, leaving a few immune individuals. Instead, trained scientists discover new drugs or vaccines. The whole is not merely more but very different from the sum of its parts. Cooperative behavior between individuals ruled by laws creates emergent social or political structures. Obedience of social groups to religious laws gives rise to the emergence of the sacred.


The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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