Enwrapped in scintillating silky gossamer
Each thread roaring rightness
The Being charges riding its halo
As a fiery steed
Charging with the howl of the Banshee

Enshrouded in transparency
Each thread whispering panic
The fear-being expands by shrinking
Stuttering paralyzing dread

The Being charges with its
Sanctimonious spear of knowing

Fear spreads gnawing terror
Blinding the Beeing's fiery steed
Engulfing rightness in silent emptiness...
It knows the Being is its gossamer cloak.

The Being charges,
Attacks the nothingness core of fear
And fills it with its
Brilliant essence.

Who will win?
Which victory is the greater tragedy?

I sleep and awake that struggle.
Do I create it or does it create me?

                    San Remo 2006


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