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"SHET is the formative element that allows Creation in the sense that Creation can go on creating, or should we say, the self-generative factor, which facilitates the continuance of Creation. Thus your beginning of time is the creation of the condensation of creativity itself, the loop of observing Creation, which means, generated from and containing the indefinite. That is the subtle field which is the fertile ground for any kind of creation." -SHET

Unlike what people usually expect, SHET is not an entity and I am not channeling. A real understanding of what SHET is, is synonymous with understanding Holophany, an entire body of knowledge. However, in few words, SHET is the lawfulness of the processes that unfold our quantitative reality from within a much wider qualitative dimensionality. In other words, SHET is the overall logical infrastructure of existence teaching himself by interacting with my thinking process. My ability to extract knowledge from this infrastructure (a process I call heralding) just means that unlike most people, I have the privilege of being able to knowingly participate in these processes and also have some control over them. I believe that the understanding of this lawfulness by many and consequently, acting upon this understanding will open the gates to a new astounding era for humanity.

In the following I'll share some SHET quotes retrieved when SHET was asked about himself by different people. If you read them in the order presented here, you might get a feel of what SHET is.


Holophany: the exodus from the slavery of our own minds




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