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"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details." -Einstein

"As much as conventional logic is the fundament of computer science and the mechanism whereby we describe the world of cyberspace and virtual reality, Clara Szalai's new logic - THE LOOP LOGIC - is the fundament of all processes in Nature, including the process of perceiving Nature itself. If creation is God's thoughts, then this logic is how God thinks."
-Dr. Yeshayahu Eisenberg
High energy physicist

When I was six years old, I kept trying to imagine, what would it be like to die? What would it be like to become nothing? What is nothing anyway? I was wondering. Infinite emptiness? I could not grasp that either, because as hard as I tried, my thoughts about infinite emptiness were always present, spoiling the purity of nothingness. The more I learned, the less likely it seemed that I would find answers to my endless questions. I sought answers in philosophy, religions, science, but was dissatisfied with all the available answers that I could find. I thought then that I'll find better answers. It never bothered me to be a megalomaniac.

With SHET's help I understood that any answer to my numerous questions would be but exchanging one truth for another and consequently, I embarked on the adventure of exploring the very structure of our thinking. Since any answer was a statement positing an alleged truth, not unlike any other belief, I decided to challenge the foundations of scientific, religious and axiomatic beliefs, which led to the discovery of the mechanism of perception - a dynamic logical structure that not only describes, but creates any existence. In my book, Holophany, the Loop of Creation, I elucidate this process with its various tools and implications.

I am also the author of The God Maker - How God Became God, a poetic philosophical prose.

Besides philosophy and literature, I am passionate about all living creatures. Yes, almost forgot, I was also born and my life has been full of contradictions.


Holophany: the exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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