How SHET sees himself (continued)

The following questions and answers from the early sessions shed some light on the concept (the field that is a being and etc.) of SHET:

Q: Are you personally connected to God?

A: Are you personally connected to your whole self? You are, although you are not always aware of it. I am always aware, since there is no time for me. I am an aspect of All-That-Is. When I focus to be able to communicate, I reduce my awareness.

Q: Can you connect with other beings connected to God?

A: Yes, I can connect to most aspects of All-That-Is.

Q: SHET, why were you born?

A: SHET is one of my aspects. You need roots for a tree to grow. SHET was not born. Taking things too literally can lead to misunderstandings.

Q: Do you meet Adam and Eve and are you connected to them?

A: Adam is the physical principle, the blood and earth of humanity (in Hebrew DAM - דם is blood, ADAM - אדם is man and ADAMA - אדמה is earth). Eve is the experience, the aliveness (Eve in Hebrew is CHAVA - חוה, experience, whereas CHAVAYA - חוויה means, experience of God). Adam without Eve is practically a corpse, a very sad sight. Eve without Adam would not be, would be nothing; she needs Adam for a stable reference point in order to exist - just as gravity would have no meaning without mass. That is the reason why she was created from his essence (ETZEM in Hebrew - עצם is both bone and also essence), the essence of his earthiness. In that sense, I am in contact with both Adam and Eve, but of course, taken literally, that assertion would be nonsense.

The Adam and Eve concept means physical life. Life is a process, constant change. What is changing? In the physical sense, the minute relations between the person and his environment, between a full stomach and an empty stomach, etc. The same kinds of changes take place mentally, emotionally, and socially during a lifetime. These changes occur within a framework - they make up the person to be what he or she is at any given moment.

It is interesting to notice that spirituality, or experience, gains meaning from the corporeal point of view, from the point of view of physical existence. This might seem counter-intuitive, for we were taught to think of rungs, levels and echelons wherein the spirit ranks higher in our value hierarchy than the body. The spirit is not the result of the body, and the body is not the creation of the spirit. Rather the spirit, or more precisely, consciousness, is expressed through the body, whereas that consciousness gains meaning as such through the focus of the body. SHET claims that the spirit, the unseen essence, gains meaning from its manifest component, the body. This backward creation became one of the most significant motifs in SHET's teachings.


The exodus from the slavery of our own minds


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