"A chain, even if made of gold, can still be the chain of the slave. The most powerful gift you humans were given is the freedom, the possibility to choose. That is why leaving slavery is so significant, because it is the acceptance of the universal laws that bring you closer to God, and knowing them, shows you the way to not be enslaved with golden chains." -SHET

"What humans call knowledge is often very partial observation generalized to include some kind of Truth, which of course is misleading, so do not fall into that trap." -SHET

HOLOPHANY means, manifesting wholeness: holo being wholeness, and phany, manifestation in Greek - the act of manifesting wholeness. Holophany is not about right or wrong, it does not provide a new truth, only the generating principles of existence, which are tools to understand, control and create realities with. The novel approach of this philosophy and logic, Holophany, is to utilize the hidden potential of reality instead of the conventional way of relating to phenomena or situations. Instead of assessing, classifying and seeking the lawfulness of phenomena, Holophany focuses on those principles that generate phenomena or the emergence of meaning - any meaning, any reality. Whereas we were told that the truth will set us free, the many truths that we were given became scientific, social, economical, religious and personal dogmas that instead of setting us free, imprisoned us in straitjackets of beliefs about how things are or how they should be. Holophany provides the means for the exodus from this slavery of our own minds.

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