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Reality shows versus spirituality

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

What’s so interesting in reality shows? What’s so interesting in watching a bunch of people doing nothing, just being mediocre? Is it a justification to be mediocre? To gain acceptance in one’s own eyes? “Hey, look, they are just like me, and they are on TV, so it’s OK to be a bum.” Like the great majority of scientific research done about uninteresting and unnecessary issues, such as comparing the nutritional value of organic and non-organic cucumbers and reaching the conclusion that both are cucumbers, reality shows confirm the boring obvious, without an iota of originality. Like most mainstream science, unoriginal hairsplitting gains the grants and of course, the researches funded by corporations as their marketing strategies. Of course, a cucumber is a cucumber, and of course, the research did not relate to the toxic effects of cucumbers drown in pesticides. No wonder that a system encouraging mediocrity will rarely produce real original science.


On the other end of the scale we have the comics complex where the omnipotent and omniscient hero after severe tribulations, succeeds to save the world in the last second. Gilgamesh, Oedipus and Beowulf have been exchanged with Batman and Rambos – the cheap versions of the Campbellian hero – seemingly creating the same kind of catharsis in the viewer. Modern spirituality, or rather, the self-help genre could be the derivative of this comics complex. It offers subjective Superman-like achievements in the spiritual dimension, not unlike the Catholic redemption offered through the sale of indulgences in the early 16th century. That of course does not mean that real spirituality no longer exists, only that you won’t find it on sale alongside with achieving enlightenment in three easy steps.