Shit Floats

Thank you demonstrators! Thank you for showing us that our leaders in the West are hypocrite wimps. We have a great word for it in Hebrew, CHARZAF, which is the abbreviation of CHARA ZAF (shit floats). When you remove the saccharine surface, shit floats.

The West is a proud democracy trying to bully every other country into becoming a democracy. Well, not every country, only where they think they can win (like Iraq). The US administration was very pro demonstrators in Egypt, for instance, saying they are right in demanding freedom and democracy. If the US truly believed in their ideals, then they would not exploit Chinese slave labor, would have to do nothing with China until they granted human rights to their people. The US is big enough to be self-sufficient; it would be less rich, more modest and in integrity with its ideals. But no, greed is stronger than the ideals, so they pay lip service to their ideals and while stating that they want human rights and democracy globally, they exploit slave labor, they get their oil from countries that suppress, kill and maim women, and in general behave in ways unacceptable according to US moral standards.

Europe is even worse perhaps, their hypocrisy shit floats. If they were true to their ideals, to which they only pay lip service, they would have said that Gaddafi  is a terrorist (remember for example, the  Pan Am Flight 103, the so-called Lockerbie bombing with 270 people dead in 1988? Gaddafi had several similar feats) and that he should drown in his oil instead of buying oil from him. They too supported the Egyptian “freedom fighters,” they too said to Mubarak to stand down but now, that it knocks their own economy, when they are worried about their own oil supply from Libya, they stutter and are speechless witnessing Gaddafi killing hundreds of innocent civilians. Why don’t they tell him to stand down? Now that their economy can get hurt, human rights matter less?

Greed and humane ideals just cannot coexist. Tolerance towards everything (including intolerance of others) just cannot continue to exist. Wanting it all just ends up in politically correct hypocrisy. I can disagree with, and yet respect greedy SOBs who say, they don’t give a damn about anyone else, but I despise the self-righteous politically correct wimps who cannot stand up for their own proclaimed ideals.

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3 Responses to “Shit Floats”

  1. KH Tang says:

    This article reminds me of an old story told by Zhuangzi:
    浑沌凿窍: 南海之帝为倏,北海之帝为忽,中央之帝为浑沌。倏与忽时相与遇于浑沌之地,浑沌待之甚善。倏与忽谋报浑沌之德,曰:“人皆有七窍以视听食息,此独无有,尝试凿之。”日凿一窍,七日而浑沌死。

    Briefly translated Here:
    Once upon a time, there were three supernatural being… The one in the North named “Shu”, the one in the South named “Hu”, and the one on the middle named ”HunDun” (chaos). Shu and Hu met at HunDun’s place frequently, and they were treated very nicely by HunDun.

    One day, Shu and Hu were trying to repay the kindness of HunDun. They thought that: “Everyone has eyes to see, ears to hear, noise to smell, and mouth to eat, only our dear friend HunDun does not has any. Let’s help him by digging the holes on his head.” So, they digged one hole on HunDun Head everyday… Once they completed digging the seventh hole, HunDun Dead!

    The moral of the story is that – Everything has it uniqueness by nature, forcing to apply one’s “ideal” onto another may cause more harm than good.

    Well, in the above story, the intention of “Shu” and “Hu” were good, but they killed HunDun anyway. Now, in this current world, “democracy” been many times used as a Tool to stir up unrest for some other parts of the world, which can cause more harm than good…

    The only thing that is different from the Zhuangzi’s story is that…
    What’s the Intention? This blog entry – “Shit Floats” does point out the clues… and thinking is a very individual process anyway. :-)

    Bless You
    KH Tang

  2. Clara says:

    Wonderful story, KH. Does the intention matter? When you are dead, does it matter whether you were killed by good intention or bad faith? It brings to mind the proverb, “the road to hell is paved by good intentions.”

  3. KH Tang says:

    Interesting question.
    I think it does matter in some way…
    For the guy who has good intention and accidentally created bad result due to ignorance, he would learn the lesson and want to do it right the next time.
    For the guy who has bad intention and purposely created the desire result would celebrate and continue to do more of it.

    Then, I guess the next question would be… Who has the right to define what’s good intention…. Endless loop again. :-)

    Bless You
    KH Tang

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