Is the Goldstone Report a politically correct way to say, “What a shame Hitler didn’t finish what he started?”

The Goldstone report reminded me that many years ago I was sitting on the lawn with my dog, Lady. A small child came by with his mother and kicked Lady in the face. Lady squirmed and moved away. The child’s mother didn’t do anything. I asked her, what would she have done, if my dog bit the child as a reaction to having been kicked in the face? She said, I would kill the dog. Why not educate your child instead? I asked, the dog was sitting minding her business, your child attacked, so isn’t the dog entitled to defend herself? She said, no, if “it” did react, she would have killed the dog.

Why did the Goldstone Report remind me of this story? Because after Israel moved out of the Gaza strip and passed it over to the Palestinians, the Palestinians kept sending daily rockets to Shderot. And when Israel reacted in self defense, the Goldstone Report asserts that like Lady, Israel has no right to defend its school children from Palestinian rockets. Of course, Europe has great affinity with Zionist hater Islam that reverberates with its inherent thousand years old anti-Semitism. To this day, although much of Europe whispers, “what a shame Hitler didn’t finish what he started,” they do not state it loud and clear because it is not politically correct. Instead, they create a Goldstone Report, which says it loud and clear and in a politically correct fashion.

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  1. Ido Katz says:

    I’m living in Kibbutz near Sderot, near Gaza. When read what you wrote – it describe exactly what happened here 8 long and frightening years to me and my kids. Thank you. This is only part, important part, of my voice.

  2. Stephen Zhu says:

    Dear Clara,
    You make a very profound topic for people to ponder about human Conscience and our respect for others, maintenance of social security and hope to world peace.
    The Earth belongs to all human beings. The United Nations consists of hundred governments and expresses the voices of majority of the world people. Every member state should hold its obligations to and abide by the UN Charter and Resolutions.
    Israel was set up by UN resolution, but a number of UN member states have never accepted Israel and furthermore wanted to eradicate Israeli state from the map since its legal birth 60 years ago.
    What you mentioned about rocket attacks to Shderot makes a serious challenge about the CONSCIENCE of human beings. When a terrorist made a suicide bombing on the street, governments would condemn his activity; terrorist groups made attacks in New York, Moscow, London or Mumbai, the United Nations denounced such terror attacks and even more America made counter-attack in Afghanistan.
    Ridiculously, when Israeli civilians undergo rocket attacks from a ruling group or government of Palestine, the world mouth shuts up and even does not think of “terrorist attacks” about heavy rocket raining.
    Do continuous terror attacks or a governmental terror attacks not belong to TERRORISM by UN wide-ranging anti-terrorism Resolution?
    Is it considered that a governmental rocket raining is more scared to condemn than an individual suicide bombing or a group terror attacks?
    They are brutal killing of civilians with hatred, the same to a suicide bombing or 9/11 terror attacks.
    However, whenever Israeli government makes counter-attacks to protect its citizens, there’re demonstrations all over the world to support terror attackers by denouncing Israeli people self-defense.
    A Chinese saying goes: “Why are evil officials indulged to burn a house, but honest civilians are not allowed to light a candle?”
    Every human being should be endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. No religion, belief or ideology can tear up such human instinct brotherhood. Conscience is essential to our respect for others, maintenance of social security and hope to world peace.
    Stephen Zhu

  3. Stephen Zhu says:

    Dear Clara,

    Sorry, only until today did I get understand what “Goldstone Report” is. I just wrote my comment on your blog by my conscience and common sense withou knowing such UN Report, because I recently had no time to watch news.

    The United Nations is under manipulation of countries like Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The UN Goldstone Report is by essence made to ignore Israeli people’s right of self defense and encourage global terror groups like Hamas to turn the civilian populated areas into battle field.

    Such kind of reports have been predicted in our movie script “Jihad by Law” two years ago. Terrorists could not fight with weapons to conqure the world, and they’ve changed their stradegy to conqure the world by “law”. It is based on the true story of Ms. Jennifer Chim who has been persecuted and tortured by Pakistani government for years. For detail, please visit

    This is a very serious tendency. If we do not unite to stop such evil development, the world will become disasterous for the people who love freedom and peace, not only for Israeli people.

    “Jihad by Law” should be made into movie or TV series and let more and more people aware of the danger about Evil globalization.


    Stephen Zhu


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  6. Clara says:

    You are welcome to place links to my blogs at your White Rabbit Cult, or even copy articles with credit and links to my site.

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