Eulogy of a mouse

In the early hours of the morning when I was about to go to bed, I felt I should take a walk in the garden. Three of my dogs greeted me, however, the fourth was conspicuously missing. He was sitting in the other end of the garden holding something that had a very long tail in his mouth. I forced him to give up his possession, and a limp, wet little field mouse was placed in my palm. She seemed dead. I did mouth to mouse, massaged her heart, mouth to mouse, and so on. She opened her eyes and started breathing. Her eyes seemed to look into infinity and her breathing was ragged. I started warming her little body, and she made tiny squeaky sounds. Slowly, her breathing became calmer. I enveloped her in a pink and green bubble of love, wanting her to live. Tried to pump into her my life force and healing. She lived for two hours and died peacefully. With misty eyes I was staring at her little body, the big ears, the tiny hands, the beautiful silvery fur. So perfect, so beautiful. Dead. She could have experienced motherhood, running in the fields, frolicking in the grass, following scents, so many experiences she will never have. I managed to bring her back to life for just enough time to die enveloped in love… I hope…

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  1. KH Tang says:

    Good morning, Clara

    You have the Heart of an Angel of Love!
    May your loving spirit brings a better future.

    Bless You
    KH Tang

  2. Clara says:

    Thank you Finn and KH. Do you know the story of the of the scorpion and the frog? The short version of it is that the scorpion asks the frog for a ride to cross the river. The frog is reluctant, afraid the scorpion would hurt him, but the scorpion explains that it would be stupid of him to hurt the frog in the water as he can’t swim and needs the frog. Convinced, the frog takes the scorpion on his back and starts swimming. Midriver, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog cries out, “why did you do that? Now we will both die.” The scorpion answers, “couldn’t help it, it is my nature.” I am like the scorpion when it comes to save or help animals; it is my nature.


  3. Dror says:

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    loved it.
    and of course you know I dig the new web site !

    nicely done

  4. Lionel says:

    I too have had a similar experience, with a mouse and a bird. The death of one animal to feed another seems natural but at a higher awareness I like you feel that it is wrong. If you eat meat all of your life, how do you stop, how do you become vegetarian? I was told that there is a book out there that claims that blood type A+ are the natural vegetarians (which I have) that can live on plant alone. I would love to live on plants alone, I will need to do research and begin to eliminate meat one meat at a time. By the way I live on a farm and I raised some cows for a while and had the opportunity to birth a calf, it was a hard experience but a great memory I will always cherish.

  5. Clara says:

    Lionel, I am an 0+, a total carnivore according to blood types. I loved meat. But became a vegan nevertheless, because not eating meat was less painful to me than my conscience knowing I caused suffering and death to innocent animals. There is so much information about how to be a balanced and healthy vegan, definitely, go and learn it and you will feel so much better, I promise. The by-product of having become vegan was much better health; I not only felt better, but my blood tests proved that I was better. Besides the spiritual benefits and the benefits of not causing suffering and death, and besides not ingesting the artificial hormones and antibiotics, and etc., the animals were fed, you will not be flooded with the stress hormones that the animal produces when killed. I was surprised that my vegan diet reduced my stress level, and only later I understood why, when I read an article about that. I warmly recommend you choose this road and with the help and support of vegan groups, you shall flourish and prosper and be much happier.

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