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The God Maker: How God Became God is now available

Saturday, April 24th, 2010



The God Maker: How God Became GodIt is rare to discover a work that crosses the boundaries of literary fiction and leaves the reader thinking, contemplating life, questioning one’s purpose for being. Philosopher and writer Clara Szalai has created such a gift in her thought-provoking and delightful novel The God Maker: How God Became God. As much a story of self-discovery as it is a challenge to readers to ponder the meaning of all life, Szalai draws us into her story and holds us spellbound.  The creator of the philosophy known as Holophany (the manifestation of wholeness), Szalai introduces us to an amnesic man who awakens in a hospital and must be guided toward regaining his identity. Along the way, he encounters SHET the God maker, who appeals to this everyman to become God, lest terrible events occur. The beauty of this novel is in the writing, true, but also in the author’s ability to introduce the complexities of philosophy through a wise and poignant tale about a man who loses everything…and finds himself.

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