"Creation of events is very much part of Creation... I am teaching you to be creator, not a random statistical datum... I want you people to be creators, not passive things kicked around, but the movers... I am opening the gates to the basic laws that enable you to create the mechanism that can create you to be creators, which laws actually triggered this entire universe into being." -SHET

As far back as I can remember myself, I wanted to understand. I wanted to know how the universe was born, how something can be created from nothing, what is life? How do I know that I know? I yearned for that fountain of knowledge that could quench the thirst roused by my countless questions. Then one night something very strange happened: I encountered the wondrous spring I longed for, but it turned out to be far beyond my wildest dreams. In one moment my life changed forever. Click here to read my story, and to find out who or what SHET is.

Clara Szalai

I was told it was insane to love animals so passionately, and why would I be willing to inconvenience myself and incur expenses to save some bird or insect that isn't even aware of my existence. I am awed by Nature. I respect Nature. Nature and animals have been my greatest teachers and I am a sucker for being allowed to see the innermost wonders of Nature, beauty and grace for a tiny second between two breaths. To behold Nature from the inside, and myself as part of this wonder, an observer yet experiencing the sanctity of life through unadulterated joy, is my spirituality. See more in my Writings and my Blog.

"Matrix" is wrong! Realities are like layers upon layers of onions without any core reality, without an objective reality that is external to our perception. It's "software" all the way down. SHET passed on to me primary knowledge in science, philosophy and many other aspects of life. To enter a new world of knowledge, see Holophany.

Holophany: the exodus from the slavery of our own minds

I refer to my communication with SHET as "heralding," where SHET answers the questions turned to him through me. Once he was asked, "Why am I the victim of Cancer?" Read his extraordinary answer in my Blog.

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